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Used in the field of construction, repair and maintenance of roads, airfields, artificial structures and other objects of industrial and civil construction

High-tech bitumen-derived materials

Bitumen-polymer joint tapes

Protective compounds


Mastics and sealants

Insulating and roofing mastics


Sealing heat-resistant cords

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Roll roofing and waterproofing materials


Technological leader in the bitumen industry

Phoenix Resource - official partner of Gazprom Neft Bitumen Materials

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials is the operator of the bitumen business of Gazprom Neft, one of the largest players in the Russian market of bitumen and bitumen-derived products for industrial, civil and infrastructure construction. The leader of the road industry in the production of modified binders and the creation of unique recipes, taking into account climatic conditions and operational loads.
world leaders in the production of bitumen
geography of the company's bitumen supplies
65 countries
Experts from their own Research and Development Center (SRC) are developing a new generation of domestic bituminous materials that become a driver for increasing the life cycle of construction projects. Due to the use of Russian components, the cost of production is reduced. The development of complex import-substituting solutions is possible in the shortest possible time.

Scientific expertise

The production uses its own bitumen, which undergoes rigorous quality control throughout the entire production chain — from crude oil to finished products, as well as domestic proven raw materials and materials. This ensures the production of consistently high quality products.

Raw material independence and product quality

Today, the company’s portfolio includes over 300 brands of base, modified and bitumen-derived materials. The enterprises of Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials under the Brit brand produce sealants, mastics, emulsions, bitumen-polymer joint tapes, and protective and restorative compounds.

For industrial and civil construction under the Brit brand, rolled bituminous materials, mastics and primers, special products (polyurethane sealants, protective compounds for asphalt, liquid rubber and mastics) are produced.

A wide range of

A wide range of bitumen-derived products of the Brit brand has proven itself in various construction segments, a number of materials have received the highest rating from consumers, customers and government regulators.

Customer value is a key priority