Bitumen BND 50/70, BND 60/90, BND 70/100, etc.

Road petroleum bitumens in Russia are obtained by oxidizing products of direct distillation of oil and selective separation of petroleum products (asphalts of deasphalting, extracts of selective purification). Another technology for obtaining bitumens is compounding.

Roofing petroleum bitumen is obtained by oxidizing residues of atmospheric-vacuum distillation of oil.

Universal materials widely used in various areas of construction for waterproofing of building and engineering structures and structures made of various materials.

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Category: Bitumen

Application: Roads

Application: Airfields



Packaging of various grades of bitumen is carried out in "Clovercontainer" type containers with a capacity of 1000 liters.

The packaging includes:
• The container walls are made of 0.5 mm thick cardboard with a density of 340 g/m2;
• Pallet, wall inserts, and lid made of plywood;
• Internal lining made of anti-adhesive siliconized paper;
• Identification (marking) plate;
• Fastening elements and sealing elements.



Due to large wholesale deliveries, our company has the best price.

Delivery methods:
Sea route: St. Petersburg - port of Ningbo, Xiamen, Qingdao;
Combined: Vladivostok - port of Ningbo, X amen, Qingdao;
Land: Art. Zabaikalsk - st. Manzhouli - Art. railway to China

Our advantages:
  • best price;
  • collection of batches in a container train;
  • external storage warehouse;
  • a wide range of bitumen (60/90, 70/100, 100/130, modified bitumen, etc.)

Export of bitumen to China
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