Roll material "Brit" Premium TPP

A black canvas made by sequentially applying a binder and a protective layer to the base on both sides.

Base: polyester.
Covering layer: bitumen-polymer materials.
Protective layer: bottom side - film; the front side is a film or coarse-grained dressing.

In the Brit lines on a fiberglass basis, brands are produced:
  • Premium HPP
  • Premium HKP
  • Premium TPP
  • Premium TKH

Explanation of brand designations: “H” – base made of fiberglass “T” – base made of fiberglass “P” – layer of polymer film “K” – protective layer of coarse-grained dressing.

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Application: Factories and buildings

Category: Roll roofing and waterproofing materials

Transport and storage


The material is used for the installation or repair of a multi-layer roofing carpet.


Roll materials "Brit" from the technological leader in the bitumen market "Gazpromneft - Bitumen Materials". In the production of rolled materials, we use our own bitumen, which undergoes quality control throughout the entire production chain: from oil to bituminous roofing mixture, which guarantees the high quality of the finished product.

The benefits of Brit roll roofing materials include:
  • low loss of powder;
  • possibility of application in all climatic zones;
  • good adhesion to different types of bases;
  • lack of shrinkage due to the use of high-tech reinforcing bases.


Length, m: 10.00 ± 0.10
Width, mm: 1000 ± 20
Thickness, mm: 4.0: +0.5, -0.2
Weight of material per unit area, kg/m²: 4.80: + 0.5, -0.2
Heat resistance at 90 °C: withstands
Maximum tensile force in the longitudinal/transverse direction, N: 1200 ±200/1200 ±200


Rolls wrapped in two places with a polymeric packing tape with an adhesive layer. The rolls are placed on pallets and packed in a shrink film cap.

Approximate number of rolls on a pallet:
Roll material "Brit" Premium CCI - 23 pcs.

Transport and storage

The material must be transported in covered vehicles. Eliminate the possibility of free movement and mechanical damage to pallets with rolled material. Store packaged sorted by brands, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Air temperature during storage: not lower than minus 20 °C and not higher than 40 °C.


Technical instruction sheet Roll material "Brit" Premium TPP
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