Polyurethane sealant "Izhora"

Professional two-component composition for sealing interpanel seams and joints on facades and plinths of buildings and structures

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Application: Factories and buildings

Category: Insulating and roofing mastics



Sealing of expansion joints and joints of reinforced concrete structures, cracks in buildings and structures, external sealing of window and door seams, sealing of expansion joints in concrete floors.


  • Shrink resistance.
  • High adhesion.
  • Resistance to UV radiation.
  • Resistance to aggressive environments.
  • weather resistance.
  • High elasticity.
  • Excellent deformation characteristics.
  • Fast curing time.
  • 9 tinting options according to the RAL-K7 catalog.
  • Possibility of coloring and tinting.
  • The predicted service life is up to 15 years.
  • Application in seams with deformability up to 25%.
  • Ability to perform work at low temperatures without loss of quality.


Option 1
Component 1: thick white paste.
Component 2: Light yellow to brown clear viscous liquid.
After polymerization, Izhora polyurethane sealant is a rubber-like highly elastic material with high adhesion to the base.

Option 2
Component 1: polyether with the addition of mineral fillers and functional additives.
Component 2: prepolymer containing polyurethane rubber.
After polymerization, Izhora polyurethane sealant is a rubber-like highly elastic material with high adhesion to the base.


  • Before use, it is necessary to mix component 1 and component 2. With constant stirring, pour the entire component 2 from the container into the bucket with component 1 for a minute and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained within 6-8 minutes.
  • In the process of preparing the material for work, uniform mixing and compliance with the temperature regime must be ensured. When mixing components, carefully unload component 2 without leaving it on the walls and bottom.
  • The sealant is applied with a spatula in a layer not less than 3 mm thick.
  • Works are allowed to be carried out in dry weather and ambient temperature: - from +5 to +40 °C for Izhora polyurethane sealant; - from -20 to +15 °C for polyurethane sealant "Izhora" Winter.
  • Sealant must not be applied to a surface with free moisture.


Plastic euro bucket 11.25 kg. Set 12.5 kg. Component 1 in 11.25 kg plastic containers; component 2 in 1.25 kg plastic containers. Plastic containers with component 2 are packed in euro buckets together with component 1.


Technical instruction sheet Polyurethane sealant "Izhora"
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